Some one was here, some one had breached the security and had infiltrated here. All the evidences are touched, Logs are altered, records are modified with key as a text from book.The Operation was as smooth as CAESAR had Conquested Gaul. After analysing the evidence we have some extracts of texts in a file. We need the title of the book back, but unfortunately we only have a portion of it…



Again, a very subtle hint at CAESAR’s cipher, we can use one of the online tools available, for example this one, which actually has a “guess” option, and will try to find the proper key.
The tool quickly guesses key 16, which gives us a paragraph. As a connoisseur of Contemporary Romance, I didn’t even have to Google to know that it was from one of my favourites: “In the Shadow of Greed (Crimson Romance)” by Nancy C. Weeks.

Flag: Shadow of Greed