Dont blink your Eyes, you might miss it. But the fatigue and exhaustion rules out any logic, any will to stay awake. What you need now is a slumber. Cat nap will not do. 1 is LIFE and 0 is DEAD. in this GAME OF LIFE sleep is as important food. So… catch some sleep. But Remember…In the world of 10x10 matirx, the Life exists. If you SLOTH, sleep for 7 Ticks, or 7 Generation, In the game of Life can you tell what will be the state of the world?
The world- 10x10 0000000000,0000000000,0001111100,0000000100,0000001000,0000010000,0000100000,0001000000,0000000000,000000000


Obviously we need to seed a Game of Life with the specified value and the flag will be the state of the game after 7 generations.

Quick Google search for “game of life 10x10” returns this website:
Which allows us to download a JavaScript version, we change the seed to the one specified, run 7 generations and voila!

Flag: 0000000000,0001100000,0001111010,0000001001,0000001010,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000,0000000000