Use the file. Get the flag. But, you know what, I hate pipes.



The file contains the esoteric Ook language, we can convert it to text using this tool.
We get:

starting from, print the following IPs.
7277067th IP Address
7234562th IP Address
7302657th IP Address
91238th IP Address
746508th IP Address
7211531th IP Address
7300098th IP Address
7211788th IP Address
723558th IP Address
91248th IP Address
7237378th IP Address
723557th IP Address
7234562th IP Address
723567th IP Address
749067th IP Address
Hint: Anything specific about all the IPs?

We can use python to convert those numbers to dot-decimal notation with some python-fu:

import socket, struct, binascii

ips = [7277067, 7234562, 7302657, 91238, 746508, 7211531, 7300098, 7211788, 723558, 91248, 7237378, 723557, 7234562, 723567, 749067]

result = ''
for ip in ips:
    # -1 because it's the nth ip and we count base 0
    as_str = socket.inet_ntoa(struct.pack('!I', ip - 1))
    # print as_str  # uncomment to see the raw ips
    as_str = as_str.replace('.', '')
    as_int = int(as_str, 2)
    result = result + binascii.unhexlify('%x' % as_int)

# they hate pipes
result = result.replace('|', '')

print result

The result is the flag.

Flag: ziesjyougotivz